Hi, I’m Mari, and I love all things design, homemaking, and DIY. I have been married to my best friend Mike, for 13 years, and we have 3 wonderful children; Olivia, Ella, and Michael Jr. We keep busy driving them around and working on our 80’s fixer upper.

I’ve been crafting and DIY’ing pretty much all of my life, thanks to the positive influence of my Mother. She taught me how to harness my creativity when I was a little girl, always decorating, sewing, painting, cooking, and landscaping. She loved table setting, in particular, and I find it is a favorite pass time of mine as well.

As a Mother of three, just like her, I hope to pass those same skills along to them, as they watch me create around our dinner table, and in our home. I can only hope they draw from the examples I have shown them, to become creative children and adults. I truly believe a house is not home without something homemade. And I hope they feel the same way.

I hope you follow along our journey of making this fixer upper into a home. Thanks for stopping by. I am glad you are here!

xoxo, Mari