Well here it is. I am finally ready to share our whimsical, completed pool bath refresh. This project was all about offbeat, quirky, and fun loving color! A perfect compliment to our outdoor poolside decor. And I am pretty happy with the way it turned out.

The project went pretty much as planned. Only two items weren’t checked off of the initial to do list. You can find my original post Here. The 1st project I decided against, was not painting the floor tile and the second, (which was a major one) was not refinishing the ugly, yellowed, cultured marble counter. I was bummed about it, but the fumes were going to be an issue. Both of the projects I chose to delete would take a lot of time, and I would have to discontinue use of the facilities, so I decided against it. I know, I know, the wait would be worth it in the long run, but with three kids and a dog, Mama aint got no time for dat!

Due to the fact that we are constantly in this bathroom, because after all, it is a POOL BATH, it didn’t make sense to start those projects in the summer. Arizona temps are currently reaching the 110 mark, which makes pool time mandatory. Therefore, foot traffic in the bathroom is unstoppable. Also, our remodel plans are currently at the city for permit review, and I have a feeling we will be starting the demo in the next two months. So, if the little bladders that live here, don’t have easy access to the bathroom, I’m afraid our pool might be considered a workable toilet! No joke. SIDEBAR – I totally caught my son peeing in the landscape rocks, and watched him write his name with his stream! Both of his sisters and I were not impressed. I am sure you can now understand why I hit the pause button on the painting projects. Oh well, what can you do? Boys will be boys.

Check out the original plan.

I fell in love with the on trend, banana leaf wallpaper you see everywhere, and simply had to have it. It is so bright and happy, and an easy update to make our walls interesting and colorful. Just like a pool bath should be! Just a reminder….. since part of this bath will be our new kitchen, I wanted to work with what we had to keep our costs low, but still pretty it up, and make it fun. I loved the vanity light fixture I sourced, and thought the black would make a good contrast to the wallpaper and the bright sink color. But unfortunately, the light was too small for the space. I needed a four light, instead of a three, and I wasn’t able to find one with black accents that I had to have, at a price I wanted to pay. The original one I chose didn’t come with a four light feature.

When I looked back at the before pictures, I can see that I made a huge impact, given the budget in this once, very sad and dark space. We are all now enjoying the bath, when before, we hated to even step foot in the room! I mean….check out the before photos for yourself! If they don’t scream out improvement to you, I don’t know what will!

What I did to update the room:

I added light and bright wallpaper, painted the old vanity, a bold pink color to match the pillows and contrasting rugs by the pool, added modern and updated cabinet hardware, installed a sleek, new faucet, trimmed out the mirror, painted the linen closet door to brighten it up, added a shower curtain with ceiling mounted rod, new hand towels with towel ring, and last, but not least, a light-hearted gallery wall. As I mentioned before, I didn’t paint the counter or the floor. Even with those two major things missing, it still looks all kinds of better. AM I RIGHT?

The most commented on part of the updated space is our “inappropriate” gallery wall. Each and every guest who enters the room, has something to say about it. It certainly is a conversation piece, which was exactly my goal. After all…. tootin’ and butts are pretty funny, so why not make the room reflect that same light-hearted feeling. I gotta say, my husband was NOT FEELING my choice of artwork! My initial thought was to print my little’s naked baby bottoms, and all three of them vetoed it vehemently! So, I redirected my focus to search animal bottoms, cause what is cuter than those, and came up with what you see here. I have to admit though, the frogs bottom is a hard one to figure out. Most people don’t know what it is. And as I mentioned, my husband wasn’t a fan. He has asked me on more than one occasion to replace it with something else. I told ya this bathroom is a conversation piece!

Gallery Wall

Overall, putting the project together was a lot of fun. I proved to myself that you don’t have to spend a substantial amount of money to make a big change. Even though both the vanity and ceiling lights, cabinet hardware, faucet, and shower curtain rod will be torn out, I will be able to re-use them in one of our rental properties down the road, if I need them. So I didn’t have buyers remorse with any of the purchases I made. The wallpaper makes me happy and the gallery wall has given me life! I smile everytime I enter the room. Bottom line…..It was worth it!

If you have a room in your home that needs a little TLC, and you don’t have a lot of money to spend, I encourage you to make a plan, and JUST DO IT! Putting your ideas down on paper, where you can visualize them, brings a vision to life. Once it is on paper, and you can see the end result with all the possibilities, you will most likely put it together. And even if the plan changes along the way, like mine did, that’s ok too, just roll with it. I guarantee it will look better than it did when you started, and you will be so much happier. Just like me!


Wallpaper ~ Wayfair

Ceiling light ~ Lamps Plus

Vanity light ~ Amazon

Cabinet hardware ~ Home Depot

Faucet ~ Home Depot

Towel hardware ~ Delta

Toilet paper holder ~ Amazon

Paint ~ Sherwin Williams

Handtowel ~ Etsy

Stripe beach towels ~ Tuesday Morning

Ceiling mount curtain rod ~ Amazon

Mounting Brackets ~ Amazon

Curtain clips ~ Amazon

Shower curtain ~ Amazon

Gallery Frames ~ IKEA

No Diving Print ~ Etsy

Other prints – Made by me on Canva

Pink Male & Female ~ Hobby Lobby

Smiling succulent ~ Homegoods

Wooden box ~ Homegoods

Here is another side by side comparison of the before and after.

I’m dying to know what you think about my playfully fun gallery wall. Tell me, would you want to potty in this space? Would you attempt a project like this? Post in the comments. I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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