Easy DIY Outdoor Mat

Are you looking for a quick, and easy do it yourself project that takes about 30 minutes? Has the doormat on your patio, front porch, or garage seen better days? If so, look no further, I got ya covered with this easy DIY anyone can do. All you need is some paint, a brush, painters tape, a doormat and a can do attitude. Trust me, you can’t mess this up.

I have created several custom door mats in the past, using my Cricut Machine. If you have been hiding under a rug, and not sure what a Cricut is, it is a machine that will cut out detailed stencils, for all types of mediums. For this project, I wanted quick and easy, not that the Cricut isn’t easy or quick, it is, I just wanted something simplistic, I could easily create with good old Frog Tape.

Mat made with stencil

I have 2 doors that lead out to my pool and patio area where a mat is needed. The ones I currently have, don’t compliment the rugs for the outdoor living and dining area, not to mention they are in sad shape. To remedy this little problem, I decided to make them myself.

To begin this project, you will need to decide on paint colors and purchase all the supplies. I purchased a natural doormat from IKEA, an oval paint brush, frog tape, a tarp to cover the area you will paint on, along with paint. I decided on my design, which was a simple pattern of stripes. Then, I got to work and measured each stripe and taped them off. The tape doesn’t stick on the natural fiber mat like it would on a wall, so don’t fret. The first time I made a mat, I was concerned the watered paint would run past the tape that wasn’t secure, but it didn’t. It came out perfect. Each and every time.

To begin painting, I used a disposable cup with a bit of water inside. No particular measurement needed, maybe half full. You wet the paint brush and dip into the paint tray to thin it out. No science to this, you want the paint thin so it will go into the fibers. Without water, you would just be painting the top of the mat. Make sense?

Next, you dab the paint filled brush, on the mat where you want the color to show. If you are using multiple colors, and have only one brush like me, I would apply one color at a time, clean brush, then move to the next. It will make the project go faster. When you are finished painting, remove the tape. No particular time setting here either, just dab on paint, remove tape, and let mat dry. If you need to move the mat, please be careful with how you carry it. The paint is watered down, and can drip into areas you may not want it to. And thats it! You are done. It really is that simple. There is no messing this up, I promise!

Here is the finished project. It took me less than $10.00 and 30-45 minutes. You can get as detailed and creative as you want, or keep it simple like me. What do you think? Would you attempt this quick and easy DIY project?

Finished project

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