Pool Bath Refresh

Summer in Arizona has officially begun, and I am feelin’ all things pool, patio, drinks, and appetizers. Ahhh, sweet summa time! I am also pretty excited about no alarm clock. This means no schedule….At least for a few weeks, before my little’s camp sign ups begin.

Our home is a major fixer upper, which means EVERY single nook and cranny needs updated. We needed to hire an Architect to help us re-imagine our floor plan, to work better for our family, and the overall functionality of the home. And then we will need a builder, to build to spec, once the final floor plan has been approved by the city. Here in Arizona, I have discovered, any company in the building trade is crazy busy! Just getting an appointment on the calendar took forever, and that is after many months of interviewing different companies. FINALLY, they came out this week to measure the area we are going to re-configure. They quoted, 4-5 weeks to get the floor plan drawn up, and emailed to us. Once the floor plan is emailed, we will meet with the architect designer, to create our new floor-plan together. He mentioned this could take an additional several months of working together on the design, before we finalize the plan for city approval. And city approval takes time too. The whole process should take 4-5 months!! Needless to say, I can’t wait for time to pass.

Currently, I have been working on my outdoor living area, since we spend so much time out there on the daily. The weather has been dreamy, and we have enjoyed temperatures way below normal, which has been GLORIOUS! Because of the time spent outdoors, I have decided to give my pool bath a quick little refresh. It’s the bathroom my family and guests use when outdoors, so it gets quite a bit of traffic. AND IT IS SO SAD! We are not sure this bath will stay in its current position, so we don’t think it is wise to spend money on something we may potentially rip out, or move to a different location in 6 months. So I need a quick, inexpensive, temporary solution in the interim.

80’s Pool Bath Before
80’s Pool Bath Before

You gotta have a plan people! Otherwise, how are you going to know what you need to buy, how it will all look together, and how much it is going to cost? Have you ever heard the saying “Fail to plan, Plan to Fail”? Enter the pool bath mood board! I will be working with what I have, because it is a temporary fix, and will set a budget with a timeline.

The first stop I went to look for inspiration, was of course, Pinterest. I want a fun, bright, and bold design, with a touch of whimsy. Right away, I found an amazing, hot pink vanity, which I immediately fell head over heels in love with! I know it will perfectly compliment the pink rugs and cushions, I am using on the patio, and it will brighten up our sad and dull space. So I have decided I must re-create this pink beauty ASAP! Again, I will be working with what I have, so I will need to paint the awful cream colored, laminate vanity the pink to pop off of the brightly patterned wallpaper. That should be a fun task! I have NEVER PAINTED LAMINATE anything. Next stop YouTube, then, off to Sherwin Williams I go! I am jumping on the color band-wagon people, are you ready for it?

Mood Board

I will be posting updates as I move along with this refresh, so please be sure to follow along. What do you think? Are you feeling my bold choice in color and wallpaper print?

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